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Questions About Selling Jewelry

What items can I sell?

Bring in anything that is made of silver, gold, or platinum, with or without gemstones or diamonds, no matter the condition or age. We will make an offer, paying premiums for items that are in very good condition and are saleable in our market. We are especially interested in items that are from the 1930′s or older. Not sure if your items are “worth it?” Bring whatever you are considering selling and we will go over it all with you.

What about silver flatware?

We will buy silver (jewelry, flatware, gifts, etc.), but the items need to be Sterling or European Silver (800 silver or finer). We do not purchase silver-plated items. Please feel free to call with a description of your pieces and we may be able to determine if it is something on which we would make an offer.


We will make an offer on silver or gold coins based on precious metal weight. We are not numismatists (someone with a background in coin grading), but if the coin is gold or silver, it does have a material value.

…Costume Jewelry?

We do not buy costume jewelry. That being said, please feel free to bring in that box of costume from your attic…we will go through it to look for any treasures. We have found platinum brooches in bags of costume, and cannot count how many gold and silver chains!

…Loose stones and gems?

We definitely purchase loose diamonds—of any size or shape! As for color, while we have purchased some colored gemstones of impressive size and quality, the market is saturated right now, so even the most important colored stones are going for fractions of their original values. Bring in what you have and our buyer will take a look, making an offer based upon the size, quality and current condition of the gem(s).

How much do I get for my pieces?

Our offer will depend upon a number of factors including age, condition, and style, not simply a percentage of “original value” or the basic weight of the piece. Another important consideration is our market for the piece…Is it something we can re-sell in our store on a retail level? Will it more likely go to a dealer (here or overseas)? Or will it be broken down for the scrap value? Our buyer will go over all of this and determine a fair price for your item(s), and possible alternate ideas for you if appropriate.

Can I just get a quote over the phone?

Due to all the factors stated above, it is impossible to give you an accurate purchase offer without our buyer seeing your pieces in person.

I have a written appraisal, should I bring that?

An appraisal is not necessary, but if you have one, go ahead and bring it with you. Our buyer will independently evaluate your item(s), but having that paperwork could speed up the identification process. If you are selling a diamond, and have the original lab report (from AGS or GIA especially), definitely bring it, as that document can add value.

Should I clean my items prior?

There is no need to clean your items before bringing them to us. In fact, some of our dealers like items to have a certain “aged” look, or to be cleaned a certain way, so cleaning could potentially lower the value!

Who does the buying?

Our buyer is a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and Certified Gemologist Appraiser (AGS), and has been with Carreras for over twenty years, more than half of that as our full-time buyer. Having that expertise allows him to be up-to-date on the market, and evaluate your piece of jewelry as “a whole,” rather than simply giving you material value no matter what.

How do I get paid? Do I need to bring an I.D.?

When you accept our buyer’s offer, we will write you a company check immediately. In order to properly comply with all state and federal regulations, we will need to see your driver’s license or other state or military photo I.D. We are also required to take a photo of you while in our office.

Do I need an appointment?

Due to COVID-19 we would like for our customers to set up an appointment. We are open anytime from 10am to 4:00pm Tuesday – Friday. We always suggest calling the day you are planning on coming, just to confirm that the buyer is available. That being said, if you have a large lot of items, please specify while setting up your appointment so that we can accurately adjust our schedule! Our phone number is 804-673-1967.

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